Have yourself a merry little Christmas.

The gift that keeps on giving.

This year I have asked for--and am currently receiving--the gift of a day off.

Believe me when I say this is almost certainly the best Christmas present I have ever gotten, with the possible exception of a diecast model of the orange Dodge Charger General Lee (from the hit series The Dukes of Hazzard) when I was ten years old. My benefactor Mr. CR is in charge today--watching CRjr while I run errands, do only the work I choose to do, and generally goof off for a blessed 24-hour-period.

I spent some of my goof-off time this morning in Barnes and Noble*, where I perused the dollar book bin with nary a concern in the world. I found a book called "Love Lives of the Famous: A Physician's Reflections," which I found intriguing. So then I read the front jacket and found this: "Is there a link between human sexuality and material ambition? Do the same drives that encourage men to seek power and position also motivate their sexual behavior?" So I was pretty much already sold on the book when I flipped it open and saw this chapter heading: "Hemorrhoids, Sex and History."

Ha!! I defy you NOT to buy that book for a buck. I did, and am quite looking forward to it. Further bulletins as events warrant.

Now: off to goof off some more. I hope all of you got what you wanted from Santa as well.

*I can't believe hating Amazon and all they stand for has put me in the position of feeling that my local Barnes and Noble is a tiny mom-and-pop operation that should be patronized. Although at a buck a pop my patronage is not going to help them very much.