A different kind of business book.
Finally getting books read from last Christmas.

The Great Citizen Reader Survey of 2011: Reminder

Do you know anyone who's a reader and is looking for a way to kill some time at work* as we all wind down toward the holidays? Ask them to fill out the Great Citizen Reader Survey of 2011!**

And a great big THANK YOU to everyone who has filled out a survey so far. As noted earlier, I'll leave the link up through December 30, and share the results sometime in the new year!

*Yes, yes, I know we're not supposed to be looking at the Internets for personal reasons at work. I'm sure it's on all our New Year's Resolutions lists to stop doing that.

**Or watch Paul Rudd dance. Or John Denver and the Muppets and 12 Days of Christmas. Now we're wasting time!