Thursday Article: Take that, State of Wonder.
I at least like my manifestos to be helpful.

Go big or go home.

Well, hello!

I'm sorry that it's been a couple of weeks since I posted. As you all know sometimes life gets busy, and when it does, I tend to react by getting even lazier than usual. It's a problem. Evidently I need a bottle of 5 Hour Energy about every, say, 4 hours.

In positive news, I have been finding and reading a ton of great nonfiction books. However, the more great books I found, the greedier I got for reading time to read them, and therefore did not feel like taking the time to write about them.

But there's another issue at stake. Lately it occurs to me that it is time to go big or go home with the blog--commit to at least three days a week, do more features, be a bit more organized, perhaps really try to build traffic and (gasp) accept ads. So with that in mind, I'm going to take another week off and try to build up some posts, and polish off some unfinished business: the results of the reading poll everyone was nice enough to take way back in 2011, the final "nonfiction books you might actually want to read" lists, another book menage, etc.*

So please do stay tuned. New, improved posting (hopefully) sometime during the week of April 9. (And thank you, thank you, for your patience with me and my laziness.)

*Forgot to ask earlier: any features or posts you'd like to see, or changes you'd like to see made to Citizen Reader? Let me know!