Bringing up Bebe
What I did on my summer vacation, part 2.

What I did on my summer vacation.


Well, there was no plan, really, to my own personal Summer Hiatus 2012. At first I kind of kidded myself every week that I would start posting again "next week," but as the weeks passed and I felt more relieved than sad about not posting, I thought, well, let's just do this shit up right and take the whole summer off. And so I did.

So then I thought, let's start up again after Labor Day.

Well, you can see how that turned out. Happy October, everyone!

First things first: I hope all of you had a very enjoyable summer. I know I did. Even though it was often a billion degrees out and we got no rain*, we made the best of it by going to the park every day before 10 a.m. and again after 5 p.m., and in between hunkering down inside and thanking God for the 20th-century miracle of air conditioning.

And now: what did I read all summer? The answer is: Nothing, and lots. Interested in more specifics? Please tune in tomorrow.

*We planted a small garden this year, which was hilarious. Even when I watered our plants, particularly the peppers, they still just spontaneously erupted into flame. Well, not really. But they did completely burn up in the sun and produce absolutely nothing. Thank God I'm not a farmer.