Perhaps the most perfect* passage in a novel ever.
Is your cat plotting to kill you?

Another shameless "I heart Matt Taibbi" post.

I know, I know, you're probably a bit tired of hearing me bang on about how much I love Matt Taibbi.

But I do.*

Do consider reading his latest at Rolling Stone, Hurricane Sandy and the Myth of the Big-Government-vs.-Small-Government Debate. And if you don't have time to read it, just read one of my favorite quotes from it:

"In the abstract, most Americans want a smaller and less intrusive government. In reality, what Americans really want is a government that spends less money on other people."

Amen, brother. That's one of those quotes I wish I could just print out on a notecard, and silently hand to people when they want to engage me in any sort of political discussion.

*And I hope he and his are safe--sounds like he lives in Jersey City, which was hard hit by Sandy.