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A really horrendous idea I wish I'd had.

So has everyone else heard of The Elf on the Shelf?

Evidently it's been a big thing in Suburbia for some time now. The gist of it is this: you have a creepy elf doll and a book about said elf/doll that explains to your children how the elf will show up in different places around your home, and will report back on your child's behavior to Santa. Evidently some families really get into this tradition, moving the elf around frequently to keep the kids on their toes. Frankly, the idea has always freaked me out a bit, but then again, I do not like dolls.* What also freaks me out is that the doll and book set retails for thirty bucks (which I think is high, personally).

Just the other day a friend sent me a blog link with a lovely rant about this tradition. It's pretty funny stuff--enjoy!

*My mother-in-law collects them, and when we stay overnight there I have to turn the row of dolls in her bedroom around to face the wall, so they don't watch me while I sleep.