Book Menage: Shirley Jackson, Day 1.
Shirley Jackson Menage: Fiction.

Shirley Jackson Menage: Nonfiction.

Thanks for the great start to our Menage discussion yesterday, everyone!

Today I thought we'd discuss Jackson's nonfiction in particular, while tomorrow we can pay more attention to the fiction. So: did anyone read Life Among the Savages
or Raising Demons? I have two questions.

1. How did you like the book (we started this a bit yesterday, but I'd love to hear more)? Can you think of any recent books of this "genre," the Mommy Memoir, that are similar in subject and humor?


2. These books are often described as "fictional stories" based on Jackson's family. If they were published today would they be called memoirs? And how fictional do you think they were, really?*

There's my questions--what think you?

*A quick search reveals that these books are still discussed quite a bit in the blogosphere. I particularly enjoyed this review.