Shirley Jackson Menage: Fiction.
Need a book for the postmodern lit lover in your life?

Shirley Jackson Menage: The Conclusion.

I so, so enjoyed reading Shirley Jackson and discussing her works with you. Thank you!

I don't have any questions for you today, but if you'd like to pose any, or jump in with any other thoughts, please do so. In the meantime, here's a small collection of links I thought you might find interesting:

Her obituary in the New York Times (although I didn't get the feeling from her bio that she was a "neat and cozy woman")

Reviews posted by a kind reader in this week's comments (thank you; you know who you are!):

Tales from the Reading Room (The Haunting of Hill House)

Stuck in a Book (Life Among the Savages)

And have you seen this? The Shirley Jackson Awards

Thanks again to all of you for participating in the Shirley Jackson Menage!