One of my favorite nonfiction titles of 2012.
Authors: In Memoriam, 2012 (the personal version).

Authors: In Memoriam, 2012

I meant to write this post a long time ago, when I noticed during my summer's break from blogging that several authors I loved had died. (And yes, I'm reasonably sure that there is no connection between my stopping blogging and authors dying, but geez, now I'm a little bit nervous about taking any more extended breaks.)

So, as it is now 2013, I thought I'd just go ahead and make a list of authors who died in 2012. I provided a few obituary/tribute links for some of the more well-known names, but was too lazy to do so for everyone. Please let me know who I missed, or let us know in the comments which authors you're really, really going to miss.

Jose Aruego (illustrator)

Jacques Barzun

Nina Bawden

Jan Berenstain

Leila Berg (children's author)

Doris Betts

Maeve Binchy

Ray Bradbury

Christine Brooke-Rose

Helen Gurley Brown

Michael Louis Calvillo

Stephen Covey

Harry Crews

Marion Cunningham

Simin Daneshvar

Henry Denker

Leo Dillon (illustrator)

Nora Ephron

Irvin Faust

Eva Figes

Phillip Finch

Philip Fradkin

Carlos Fuentes

Paul Fussell

William Gay

Jean Craighead George (children's author)

Suzy Gershman

Jack Gilbert (poet)

Dorothy Gilman

Rosa Guy

Harry Harrison (SF author)

Reginald Hill

Eric Hobsbawm

Robert Hughes

Penny Jordan

Erica Kennedy

Charla Krupp

Ellen Levine (children's author)

Kenneth Libo

Thomas Locker

Jean Merrill (children's book author)

William Lee Miller

LeRoy Neiman

Helen Nicoll (UK children's book author)

David Rakoff

David Oliver Relin

Adrienne Rich

Dora Saint (Miss Read)

Maurice Sendak

Anthony Shadid

Earl Shorris

Louis Simpson (poet)

Donald Sobol (creator of Encyclopedia Brown)

Simms Taback (children's author)

Antonio Tabucchi

E. V. Thompson

Barry Unsworth

Gore Vidal

Kathy (K.D.) Wentworth (SF author)

Bill White (cartoonist)

Reed Whittemore (poet)

Tom Wicker

Jake Adam York (poet)

Jim Young

Jeffrey Zaslow

Zig Ziglar