Best nonfiction 2012: my very first podcast!
Why aren't librarians allowed to love books?

National Book Critic Circle award nominations.

First: one thing that made me laugh this week was the bump in site traffic I got after the Golden Globes. Which one of my posts were readers chancing upon? That would be Tina Fey Is Not Funny, which showed up a lot this past Monday as a search phrase that was leading readers here. By all accounts Poehler and Fey did a good job; but I didn't watch (after all, I just don't find Fey that funny, although I've got no beef with Poehler, perhaps because the media doesn't treat her as God's proof that yes, even women can be funny), so I can't say.

In other book news, the nominations have been announced for the National Book Critic Circle awards. Normally these award lists leave me cold, but this isn't a bad list. I haven't read most of them, of course (still trying to catch up on 2012, frankly, even though it's over), but for a change this is actually a list comprised of more books I'd like to read than not.