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Nonfiction educates us, whether we want it to or not.


I am unsettled. Unsettled, unsettled.

Yes, I think it deserves repeating at least twice. Although my usual two moods are antsy and testy (thanks to the great 1992 Noah Baumbach movie Kicking and Screaming for that line), lately "unsettled" hits nearer to the mark. And why am I so unsettled?

I'm bored with reading.

Of course everyone goes through slumps, and I am familiar with that phenomenon. But this is something bigger. For one thing, it's been going on for months. For another, I have periodically been reading things I very much enjoy, and I've got any number of books going (although the collected nonfiction of Joan Didion, regardless of how I love her, only serves to increase the unsettled feeling--more on this later). But overall? Some of the fizz definitely seems to gone from my reading life.

So: help me out. Reading suggestions? Conquer cabin fever* suggestions? Anybody else feeling this way? (I know at least one other person is, and they have my sympathy.)

*I'm sure this has something to do with it. It's mid-March, for the love of Pete, and we can't get out of the flurries/32-degree mark weather pattern.