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A few bits of reading news.

I hate summer.

I know I shouldn't, and I was as eager as anyone for a bit of warmer weather after our seemingly endless winter. But I can't help it: summer makes me all antsy and itchy and grouchy and unhappy. It always has, and it is starting to look like it always will. I hate that everyone else is off their routine and somewhat expecting me to be off mine too. I hate heat. And, heaven preserve us, I am sick of looking at Summer Reading Lists. Beach* reads, bleah.

As a result I am too grouchy and tired to do anything tonight except keep reading George Packer's The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America, which is strange and somewhat depressing and oddly detached yet engrossing. Turns out it's the perfect read for someone in a grouch-tastic mood. So, even though I have a pile of recently read books to blog about, it will just have to wait. Sorry about that.** I do rather expect my mood to get better every day that gets us nearer to autumn...

*I also can't swim, hate water (and chlorine in my eyes), and view pools and beaches and waterparks as the seventh circle of hell. This will be tricky as CRjr ages and starts clamoring to go to such places.

**I do hope you're enjoying your summer. I know it is most people's favorite season.