A testament for the power of short chapters.
Paris is for bureaucrats.

Time for reading...I remember that.

Sorry once again for the lack of posting, but this was an indexing week, meaning I just didn't get the time I wanted to read non-indexing related nonfiction. In other news CRjr has decided that his real bedtime is 11 p.m. (not 8 p.m., when we put him to bed), which is distracting for several reasons: I find myself listening to him running around his room and fuming at his defiance (Mr. CR tells me he is three and therefore not really trying to stick it to me personally, but I've looked into the depths of his smiling eyes while he jumps on the bed and ignores orders to lay down, and I swear I see a little bit of "sticking it" there...), and also the next day I worry about the huge bags under his eyes and put up with his crankiness and find it hard to concentrate on other things.

But enough of that. I'll google "won't go to sleep" and see what Yahoo Answers has to say, a method which has been, in the past, actually much more helpful than other wastes of my time, like calling CR's pediatrician. My pediatrician's answer to any problem is that CRjr needs to go to daycare pronto and get "socialized." Fever? Get that boy socialized! Rash on his face? Get that boy socialized!

So: just a few reading links today. I'm pleased to say that Wendell Berry has won the Dayton Literary Peace Prize. Yay, Wendell!

The new trailer for the film C.O.G., written by David Sedaris, actually makes me want to see it, although I am not a huge David Sedaris fan.

Over the past two weeks I have tried to read Max Brooks's hugely popular zombie novel World War Z, and I was so bored by it you wouldn't believe it. More on that next week.

Until then: have a great weekend, and lay down and go to sleep already! (Sorry, that's just habit now.)