List Mania 2013: Books for Gift-giving
The seasonal list madness.

Forgot a couple!

After I posted my list for book gift-giving ideas on Monday, I realized I forgot a couple of titles! They are:

Jack London: An American Life by Earle Labor. I'm only about a quarter of the way through this one, but it's been a spanking read so far. London lived a LOT for someone who only lived forty years. This would make a great book for any fan of London's writing, or anyone with an interest in late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century American history.

And for those novel readers out there, consider Lexicon by Max Barry. It's a crying shame, I think, that I haven't seen this one showing up on any "best of the year lists. It's a great book, thought-provoking, quickly paced, and not too long. And it would be particularly great for any readers who enjoy dystopian fiction (know any fans of The Hunger Games who are looking for a similar read?), as well as for readers who love thinking about issues of language and culture.

And, I should also mention, Chelsea Green Publishing, a great indie publisher of nonfiction on sustainability issues and DIY topics, is also having a 35% off sale. Check it out!