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What we look like to the other side.

Everybody loves a coupon, right?

In case any of you are attending the Public Library Association conference in Indianapolis this year, I wanted to ask you to stop by ABC-CLIO's* booth at the exhibits to check out all their great readers' advisory reference books.

And, to sweeten the deal, ABC-CLIO is offering 20% off a lot of those titles. Click here for a PDF of their coupon to print and take along for the conference (or just ask anyone working in the booth about the deal).

Full disclosure: I am the series editor for the Real Stories series of readers' guides to nonfiction books--all of which are listed here. So of course I'd love for you to check those titles out and possibly buy some for use in your library! They're great for RA training, learning nonfiction authors and titles, pulling together fast displays, booklists, and bookmarks, and of course: just for fun for your own personal use.

Any questions? Ask in the comments or send me an email at [email protected]. And: enjoy the conference!**

*More disclosure: ABC-CLIO is the publisher who sponsors the Readers' Advisor Online blog, for which I write.

**I was emphatically not a believer in going to library conferences when I was a librarian. (Ask Mr. CR. He's had to listen to a lot of my complaining over the years about having to traipse all over to conferences where I just wasn't going to learn much.) But even I enjoyed the PLA conference. You gotta enjoy a conference full of public librarians: they're almost all hardcore readers, God love 'em, and most of them don't believe in wearing uncomfortable clothes just to look good.