Skinny Review Week: How They Croaked
A disappointing YA read.

William Langewiesche alert.

I was listening to Marketplace* on NPR last night while I fed CR3 some baby cereal (about which he wasn't all that thrilled, truthfully) when suddenly, in the middle of an interview, I thought, this guy has a fantastic voice. And then I listened a bit more closely, and I thought, this is a really interesting story. And then, out of nowhere, a little bell went off in my head:

William Langewiesche.

And that's exactly who it was. Evidently all is not lost here; I still have my William Langewiesche radar. The story was about a huge employer, G4S, that provides mercenary soldiers to the UN and many other organizations across the world. You can read his entire article on the subject here.**

*I love Marketplace so, so much. I always learn something interesting. I don't get to listen to it every night--it's only fair if the boys get to pick what they want sometimes, and both CRjr's and Mr. CR's mealtime tastes run to music instead of NPR.

**I'm linking to this even though I haven't yet read it, although I hope to rectify that this weekend.