How to get your kids to read, part 2.
"So-so" books: Lizz Free or Die.

Wow, they're really taking all the fun out of reading.

I was really ready to be done with the twofer of posts on "how to get your kids to read," when all of a sudden today I noticed it was a hot topic.

First, there was this:

Pediatricans enlist to prod parents to read to kids*

And then there was this:

How to raise a bookworm

Which mainly made me sad that I didn't think to write the book on that subject first. Oh, well. Perhaps if my parents had read to me, I would have been on top of that.

If I haven't made it clear already, I really, REALLY hate this act that reading is the most important thing you can do and that parents must read to their children, EVERY SINGLE DAY mind you, or all is lost. Talk about taking the fun out of it. And, nothing against parents of just one child, but really, Jason Boog (the author of that bookworm article)? When you've got a second or third kid I'll be more interested in hearing about all the spare time you have to entertain yourself and your newborn.

*Which actually contains a nonsense quote in which some early-literacy advocate says reading to your child is just as important as providing them with food. I'm all about the reading, but come on. That kind of lazy thinking and talking just makes me not able to take this whole subject seriously.