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Labor Day: a reading list.

Fall book preview.

There's a preview list over at Flavorwire (one of my favorite websites of all time, although it can be a massive time suck) of "25 Must-read Books for the Fall." And, heavens to betsy, there's a lot of nonfiction on it!*

So, I just went to peruse it, and was thinking, yeah, okay, some of those books might be good...and then I saw an essay collection by Meghan Daum. I am BEYOND excited. Literally, her book of essays titled My Misspent Youth is on my bedside table right now; I got it back from the library because I'm trying to learn how to write essays and I think she is really, really good at it. YAY!

And actually, that is a pretty interesting list of coming nonfiction titles. Do check it out. And join me in looking forward to autumn! This has actually been a very nice summer, but I start to feel more human when the temperature gets back down to 60 degrees or so.

*Take note, LibraryReads, you not-very-interesting largely nonfictionless monthly book list, you.