Education books: Jonathan Kozol's "Death at an Early Age."
Must-have for all readers: "The Western Lit Survival Kit"

Lotsa starting, not much finishing.

Today I sat down to write a post, and nothing came to me. I thought, what is wrong here? I've been reading. If I haven't been finding anything drop-dead scintillating, I also haven't been bored by what I've been reading. So what is the problem?

Well, I thought, I guess I've been reading books, but it doesn't seem like I've been finishing any books. So then, later, as I was trying to clean this dump up, I started counting books that I was in the middle of. Guess how many?


Okay. Well, that is just ridiculous. No wonder I don't have anything to write tonight. That just totally sums me up lately--all over the shop. Doing lots of stuff, not actually getting anything done. Gone through any times like that, where you just can't settle down into what you're reading?