The second time was not the charm.
I love hearing authors on the radio.

More book lists for fall.

I'm never all that interested in end-of-the-year "best book" lists, but I'll admit that I'm a sucker for autumn book lists, and all they herald. Not only new exciting book releases, but crisper weather! Falling leaves! Pumpkin spice lattes! All things I love.

So today you may want to consider a couple of fall book lists I came across, and they're both from USA today:

Booksellers pick potential hits; and 30 Cool Books for Fall.

Anything there you want to read? The first list didn't do anything for me*; I am particularly uninterested in George W. Bush's biography of his dad. A political biography, written by a barely literate former politician? No thank you. On the other hand, I might consider a book off the second list--a biography of Bill Cosby (Cosby: His Life and Times), who I have always thought is a super interesting person. And who can pass up a mystery written in the style of Agatha Christie (Sophie Hannah's The Monogram Murders)?

*Actually, both lists were dull, in my opinion, but it never hurts to keep up with what everyone else considers "the hits" or "the cool books." If Jodi Picoult is cool, though, I'm glad to be uncool.