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2014 in Reading: General Thoughts

And where in the hell have you been?


So I was listening to Wisconsin Public Radio today, to their Chapter a Day program. And honestly, I wasn't even paying attention to the book they were reading.* But I was thinking, huh, I don't think I've listened to Chapter a Day since they read Gabrielle Zevin's The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry.

And then I thought: Boy, did that book suck.

Talk about one of the most overrated books of 2014.

And then I thought: Huh. I miss blogging.

I've kind of been waiting for that feeling, actually. And so here I am. Short post today, to test the waters. What can I promise for Citizen Reader going forward? Well:

1. Completely unpredictable posting; and

2. Maybe some other big things. Further bulletins as events warrant.

In the meantime, hello. And I hope you are having a very nice 2015 so far.

*A lot of times I have the radio on just to hear other adult voices. Not that the constant boyish yells of "I want a treat!" and "Don't put me in timeout....I get LONELY" aren't charming, but a variety of voices just adds to the spice of life.