New Nonfiction: 2 March 2015
Men Explain Things to Me: Take Two.

Matt Taibbi, back at Rolling Stone.

All last summer and fall I was bereft, because Matt Taibbi had left Rolling Stone to write for a new, unknown publication, and there were some months when I couldn't find any new writing of his online to read.

But: he won't be writing for the new publication after all.

That's sad, and I hope he's okay with it, but the great takeaway here is, he's back at Rolling Stone! YAY! Now go read him there.*

*I was going to link you to his most recent article, on Scott Walker, the oh-so-charming governor of my home state of Wisconsin, but I don't think it's his strongest work. For one thing, he seems to think the Democratic Party has their act together sufficiently to defeat Walker in a presidential election (God help us, that's a scary line to write), and I don't personally believe that they do (and there's an even scarier line to write).