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New Nonfiction (with commentary): 6 July 2015

A new series, published each Monday, sharing a selected list of new nonfiction titles to be published during the week. List originally published at The Reader's Advisor Online. Text in bold is commentary.

Carter, Jimmy - A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety [I need to read more about his presidency, but I've always really liked Jimmy Carter. I'll be looking at this one. 250,000 first printing.]
Diliberto, Gioia -Diane Von Furstenberg[I currently own one pair of shorts and three pairs of pants, total, so I may not be the audience for this biography of the fashion designer. 50,000 first printing.]
DuVal, Kathleen - Independence Lost: Lives on the Edge of the American Revolution [A "new global perspective on the Revolutionary War."]
Gameau, Damon -That Sugar Book
Hiltzik, Michael -Big Science: Ernest Lawrence and the Invention That Launched the Military-industrial Complex [Never heard of this author, but the title sounds intriguing.]
Hoffman, David E. -  The Billion Dollar Spy: A True Story of Cold War Espionage and Betrayal [For some reason I much prefer spy fiction to nonfiction, so I will probably not get this.]
Kingsbury, Karen - The Friends of Jesus[Bible study/history from the popular Christian inspirational fiction author.]
McDermid, Val - Forensics:  What Bugs, Burns, Prints, DNA and More Tell Us about Crime [McDermid is a well-known mystery/suspense author. This could be interesting.]
McGinty, Sarah Myers - The College Application Essay
Neff, James - Vendetta: Bobby Kennedy Versus Jimmy Hoffa
Petranek, Stephen - How We’ll Live on Mars [Part of a new series of books based on TED talks.]
Samit, Jay- Disrupt You!: Master Personal Transformation, Seize Opportunity, and Thrive in the Era of Endless Innovation [I'm not good at doing, and will never be good at doing, any of the things in this subtitle.]
Sarbacker, Stuart Ray & Kevin Kimple - Eight Limbs of Yoga: A Handbook for Living Yoga Philosophy [I am not interested in yoga, although it would probably be good for me.]
Scottoline, Lisa and Francesca Serritella- Does This Beach Make Me Look Fat? [Scottoline is better known as a mystery/suspense author, but she periodically writes these collections of humorous essays, sometimes along with her daughter Serritella. I've actually enjoyed her earlier collections and may check this one out. 75,000 first printing.]
Stephens, Kate- College, Quicker
Szaky, Tom -Make Garbage Great: The Terracycle Family Guide to a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

Wampole, Christy - The Other Serious: Essays for the New American Generation [Essay collections are total catnip to me, so you know I'll be looking this one over.]

So. What do you think? Anything look good there? Not a long or exciting list. Is it just me or is summer the doldrums for nonfiction?