Book Menage Day Three: John Scalzi's Old Man's War.
New Nonfiction (with commentary): 10 August 2015

Book Menage Day Four: Wrap-up

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in this Menage, or who read the books and visited. As per usual, I had a great time. I am not really a social reader--wanting always to read what everyone else is--but I learn so much in these discussions that I must try and remember to do more talking WITH people about books, rather than just holding forth on books here (or in person--I tend to do that, and it's a very bad habit). So thank you!

Well, how should we wrap up? Anyone have any questions you wanted to ask or discuss after reading Thomas Keenan's Technocreep or John Scalzi's Old Man's War? I've got one more:

1. Would you suggest either of these books to other readers? Why or why not?

Oh, and also, I wanted to share this. I read Technocreep first, and found it super interesting, and then the idea of having the Menage came up, so I went and read Old Man's War too. While I was reading OMW, I thought, I should really read both books before suggesting the Menage; I don't know that these two books "go together." But then I found this line, on page 145 of my copy of Old Man's War:

"In week eight, I stopped talking to my BrainPal. Asshole had studied me long enough to understand my brain patterns and began seemingly anticipating my quickly the creepy becomes commonplace."

I was very pleased by that (it seemed like a great connection), and thought, huh, I think all books just "go together."

Have a great weekend, all.