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Sometimes you just need a big beautiful coffee table book: Sinatra: The Photographs.

If you are at all a fan of Frank Sinatra*, you're going to want to peruse Andrew Howick's book Sinatra: The Photographs.

AveryIt was published last year, in honor, of course, of the Chairman of the Board's 100th birth anniversary. And it does not disappoint. Gorgeous photographs, and just enough text to be interesting but not to bog you down. I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed it.

But then, I am a fan. And I don't use a lot of photos at this blog. But I had to use this one, by Sid Avery, taken at Capitol Records in 1958. How can you not love this photo? Mr. CR was underwhelmed, but I love it, and particularly that it is titled "Playback." Everything I've read indicates Sinatra really was a master in recording sessions, and a perfectionist. To see him listening, working, like this--it's good stuff.

*Come on. How can you not be?