I won't be reading "Furiously Happy" just now.
New Nonfiction (with commentary): 28 March 2016

Anglophile Trailer Bonanza!

Looking to kill some time at work today? Are you an Anglophile?

If your answer to both of those questions was yes, consider checking out trailers for a couple of forthcoming movies:

The new Bridget Jones film: Bridget Jones's Baby*


Whit Stillman's adaptation of Jane Austen's Lady Susan: Love & Friendship**


*I loved the first Bridget Jones movie and regularly re-watch it every Christmas season. So I'm excited about this one, even though I will miss Hugh Grant as Daniel Cleaver.

**Oh, how I used to love Whit Stillman, director of Metropolitan and Barcelona. Not sure I would love those movies anymore. May have to re-watch them to find out.