British Television: What to watch now that Downton Abbey is over.*
A tale of two nonfiction books: We Took to the Woods, and She Took to the Woods.

The end of an era: Bookslut will cease publication.

Sad news on the Interwebs last week: Jessa Crispin's long-running literary blog and online magazine Bookslut will cease publication.

A million years ago I had the good fortune to write some reviews for Bookslut, and I'm still grateful that they let me. And I'm grateful for their many years of publishing well-informed articles, interviews, and reviews of both fiction AND nonfiction books.*

You'll be missed, my dearest book harlot.

*Now: can you recommend some good book blogs for me, where they either focus on or at least include nonfiction?

This just in: a new(ish) reprinted interview with Jessa Crispin, at The Rumpus.