Goodbye from all of us at the Readers' Advisor Online blog (post from the Readers' Advisor Online blog).
How we compose the New, Noteworthy, and No-Brainer Lists (post from Readers' Advisor Online).

Using Feedly to watch for book and reading news (orginally posted at the Readers' Advisor Online blog).

Last week we made the announcement that the Readers' Advisor Online blog will cease publication as of May 15. Please read the full announcement here.

We of course are very sad about this turn of events, but now is the time to look forward by looking back to consider some of the ways we compiled this blog. One of my favorite tools to use is the RSS reader/aggregator Feedly: a service which allows you to subscribe to various websites and blogs and their feeds, and to scan a lot of online article headlines at once.

Perhaps the best way to learn Feedly is the same way I have learned to do any number of small home improvement projects: by watching a YouTube video!* I like this one: Productivity Tuesday: Feedly RSS Reader.

The basic idea is, you find blogs and websites that often have a lot of good reading and book and publishing headlines, you start a Feedly account, and then, within Feedly, you subscribe to those news sources. Then, every day, you can just go to Feedly and quickly skim all the news headlines from your favorite blogs and websites. If a headline catches your eye, just click on it, and you'll go directly to the article in question. Very handy! If you're looking for blogs and websites to get you started, please consider the list of pages that we provided in our goodbye post. Those are some of our most useful sites for all the latest reading news.

So: go forth and Feedly! A full disclosure here: I am terrible at using technology and technological tools (this is Sarah talking, not Cindy--Cindy's way more on top of tech than I am), and I LOVE Feedly. It's easy to use and super helpful. So do give it a try, and let us know in the comments if you have questions or another service that you use to keep on top of Internet news.

*Thank you, YouTube, for teaching me how to cut carpet tiles to fit uneven walls. I am forever grateful.

Originally posted at the Readers' Advisor Online blog, May 4, 2016.