A Parting Message: Pass It On! (Originally posted at the Readers' Advisor Online blog.)
So here's what we're going to do.

Welcome to readers of the Readers' Advisor Online blog.

Hello, all. I'm still trying to get caught up and regular posting will not resume here for a while, but I wanted to explain the posts that I published here last week. They are all posts from the Readers' Advisor Online blog, which I have co-written with Cindy Orr for the last nine years or so. ABC-CLIO, the sponsor of the blog, has decided to stop publishing it, and the site will no longer be available after June 30. We've written a lot of content in the last month about readers' advisory services and how to keep up with forthcoming title lists, so I thought I would archive those posts here for as long as I could! Those posts are:

Goodbye from all of us at the Readers' Advisor Online blog (Including a list of good reading-related websites to check for book news)

Using Feedly to watch for book and reading news

Cindy Orr's excellent and detailed How we compose the New, Noteworthy, and No-Brainer Lists

And our rallying cry for the importance of RA services, education, and training at A Parting Message: Pass It On!

Thanks for visiting. We're sad about losing the Readers' Advisor Online blog, of course, but here's to moving on to bigger and better things! Or maybe a nap. I haven't decided yet.