Now THIS is more like it: Mama Tried, by Emily Flake.
Citizen Reading: 31 October 2016

Friday Book Lists: 28 October 2016

A round-up of the week's bookish lists from your friend and mine, the Internet.

IndieBound bestsellers the week of Oct. 27

The Independent (UK): 11 best new novels

Barnes and Noble: The best books that scarred us for life. How I LOVED The Dollhouse Murders. Any time I see it mentioned I feel like I have to go read it all over again. (I feel that way about The Westing Game too.)

Nine new books to read for a historical Halloween

New York Times: New True Crime books for fall. Oh my LORD, why aren't there 48 hours in each day (you know, 24 hours to do the living, 24 hours just for reading?)? I want to read ALL of these books.

Red Online (UK): Books for little feminists

Booklist: Top 10 Art Books 2016, Top 10 Art Books for Youth 2016

Have a great weekend, everyone!