Love a good quick nonfiction graphic novel read: Andy Warner's Brief Histories of Everyday Objects.
Reading notes from February 2017.

Citizen Reading: 27 February 2017.

A weekly selection of reading and book news, sometimes with completely inappropriate commentary.

Well, Milo Yiannopoulos had a week that I wouldn't really wish on even...well...Milo Yiannopoulos. After a controversial clip of him was re-circulated, CPAC cut him as a speaker, Simon & Schuster canceled his book deal, and he resigned from Breitbart Media. Let's close this story by hearing from actress Leslie Jones, who suffered from a nasty trolling campaign on Twitter, undertaken by Yiannopoulos, when she said: stop feeding trolls.

Has watching TV become more like reading a book? An article largely about binge-watching, which seems to be a hot topic at the moment.

"Changes afoot" for how some of YALSA's book lists are created.

Why you should listen to audiobooks.

How to have better meetings. Yeah, it's not really about books, but good lord, most of what I remember from being a librarian was lots and lots and LOTS of terrible meetings. The whole profession should work on that.

Happy 75th birthday, Little Golden Books!

Six couples in literature "who should just break up already." I was hoping Heathcliff and Catherine would be on this list, and of course, they were. Although my sixteen-year-old self LOVED Wuthering Heights. I don't even remember why now, except...I do. Wuthering Heights forever!

For Black History Month: On African American history, decade by decade. This is from the author of the article: "I’ve selected the most influential books on race and the black experience published in the United States for each decade of the nation’s existence — a history of race through ideas, arranged chronologically on the shelf. (In many cases, I’ve added a complementary work, noted with an asterisk.)"

A lot of authors of whom I've never heard but who seem like they were influential died this week: "Roman Catholic social philosopher" and author Michael Novak; Poet Thomas Lux; "zealous scholar of presidents and liberalism, Theodore Lowi; "libertarian author and Trump biographer" Jerome Tuccille;

Tom Hanks is writing a collection of short stories.

Andy Weir's bestselling novel The Martian is getting a lower-profanity it can be used in science classes.

Walt Whitman: has a new novel by him been found?

Roald Dahl's final book for children to be re-released this fall.

"Against readability."

A great idea indeed: One Book One Garden.

"King Arthur: Legend of the Sword": Trailer.

Richard Wright novel Native Son: to be made into a movie.

Two new Ian McEwan adaptations are expected.

Is the BBC's "Sherlock" over?

65 writers and artists urge Trump to rethink the visa ban.

Nebula Awards: Nominees.

LA Times Book Prize: Finalists.

Walter Scott Prize: Longlist.

Oscars 2017: Complete list of winners.


A new history of butter. Just thinking about it is making me want a small piece of soft bread with a big hunk of cold butter on top of it.

A new non-new Southern cooking cookbook.

New York Times: two books on the need for police reform, from within; a new biography of Angela Carter, of whom I've never even heard; tales from the personal essay "industrial complex"; a memoir written by a 33-year-old in the aftermath of her stroke; a book containing profiles of seven women artists of the twentieth century; a new history of Russia's revolution "through expat eyes".


IndieBound: Bestselling books the week of Feb. 23.

Nine modern literary letter collections.

Christian Science Monitor: "Three outstanding new books" about African American history.

Amazon: Best Books of February.

School Library Journal: Spotlight on children's nonfiction, particularly for spring.

Reader's Digest: 10 books that will inspire you to travel the world.

Mashable: Ten books about marketing that you should read.

Paste Magazine: 10 best new young adult books in February 2017.

7 best books for entrepreneurs.

The Daily Beast: best books about American presidents.


I had a lot of reading notes this week; I'll put them in a post on Wednesday because this post is already a bit long. Nothing really struck my fancy enough for a full review...I think you'll see what I mean on Wednesday.


Starz announces the debut date for Neil Gaiman's "American Gods."