Life Moves Pretty Fast: The Lessons We Learned from Eighties Movies, by Hadley Freeman.
Dr. Willie Parker's Life's Work: A Moral Argument for Choice.

Citizen Reading: 29 May 2017.

A weekly selection of reading and book news, sometimes with completely inappropriate commentary.

NPR's summer reading poll is about comics and graphic novels this year.

What next, after coloring books for adults?

Manchester-based publishers respond to the terrorist attack on their city.

Is even Anne of Green Gables becoming politicized?

Libraries: As if they didn't have enough to do, now they are helping with the opioids epidemic too.

"Wonder": Trailer.

New BBC America adaptation: "Fever," based on a novel by Mary Beth Keane.

"Game of Thrones": are there only 13 new episodes left? (And here's the trailer for season 7.)

The film version of Kristin Hannah's Nightingale will be released in August 2018.

Will the next hot calendar for 2018 feature...librarians?

Nebula Award Winner: All the Birds in the Sky.

Author Denis Johnson: has died.

Historian Michael Bliss: Obituary.

Scott Turow's new novel is about The Hague.

Nine "rediscovered" Ruth Rendell stories to be published this fall.


Going to the dentist doesn't particularly bother me, but I don't know that I'm up for this new history of dentistry.

Another book about books, this time from the editor of the New York Times Book Review.

I've linked to this book about one man's experience of schizophrenia in his family before, but I'm linking to it again to remind myself I really need to read it.

New York Times: On the Colorado River and its "unnatural world"; new memoirs on our bodies and our relationships to them; on "the murky future of the Great Lakes"; a dual biography of Winston Churchill and George Orwell; on the Gulf of Mexico in the "age of petrochemicals"; three new books that "make sense of cyberwar" (as if anything could).


IndieBound: bestselling books the week of May 25.

NPR: 6 books for a "summer escape."

Entertainment Weekly: Must-read books of the summer.

10 Mysteries with women in the lead.

Summer book recommendations from Bill Gates.


Well, it's Memorial Day, and I still think these are the books you should read on the subject of wars. Oh, and also go watch this documentary about drone warfare. It's terrible (and inaccurate) that we call ourselves civilized.


Neil Gaiman may do a reading of a Cheesecake Factory menu...for charity.