A tale of two novels.
Sally Bedell Smith's Prince Charles.

Citizen Reading: 8 May 2017.

A weekly selection of reading and book news, sometimes with completely inappropriate commentary.

"Confessions of a lifelong audiobook addict."

"Book readers make the best lovers, reveals survey." I think this is supposed to be a reading-positive article, but this tidbit made me snort with derision: "In fact, the data revealed that men who list it [reading] as an interest receive 19 per cent more messages, and women three per cent more."

Becky Spratford of RA for All on volunteering in her child's school library.

Question: Can male writers avoid misogyny?

The Dark Tower: Trailer.

Netflix has added a "warning card" to its "13 Reasons Why" program.

Now Netflix is adapting Anne of Green Gables...but will she be a "grittier" Anne?

HBO is, of course, developing Game of Thrones spinoffs.

Shattered, the new book about the Hillary Clinton campaign, might also become a TV show.

"The Handmaid's Tale" will have a second season.

The BBC/PBS to adapt the classic "Little Women."

TV is "rewriting the book" on how to adapt novels.

Children's book illustrator Peter Spier: Obituary. Author Jean Stein: Obituary.

What year is this? J.K. Rowling launches a Harry Potter Book Club...read or re-read your favorite Harry Potter.

Does George R. R. Martin actually need to finish the Song of Ice and Fire series?

Cory Doctorow and Edward Snowden talk SF and reality.

School Library Journal webinar: Hottest Graphic Novels of Spring 2017.

School Library Journal webinar: 60 tools in 60 minutes (for literacy, STEM, and maker spaces).

Collection development: reflecting our communities.

Chicago Tribune YA Book Prize winner: David Levithan.

Best Translated Book Awards: Winners.


A new chapter for Devil in the White City. I was not a fan of this book but I was pretty much the only reader who felt that way, I think.

Ivanka Trump has a new book out, titled Women Who Work.

A look at Neil DeGrasse Tyson's new book on astrophysics.

"Should the giving styles of the rich and famous alarm us all?" I haven't even read this book yet but I have a feeling the short answer is yes.

New York Times: Cheryl Strayed reviews Richard Ford's new memoir about his parents; Rob Sheffield on The Beatles; Condoleezza Rice has written a book about democracy; Britain as a port in the storm during World War II; on fast-tracked evolution; how did the fiscal crisis of the 1970s affect the New York City of today?; how "four powerful rulers decided the fate of a continent"; how the "ideas industry" now caters to the prejudices of the rich (although this book is presented as being "in the style of Thomas Friedman..." Ugh.).


IndieBound: Bestselling books the week of May 4.

Entertainment Weekly: 19 best books to read in May.

GQ: Best Books of May.

Amazon editors: Best books of May.

Booklist: The year's best crime books.

Christian Science Monitor: 10 great new sports books.

School Library Journal: 32 stellar picture book titles.

Barnes & Noble: May's best books for teens.

Books about chemicals and foul play.

New York Times: The latest in crime fiction.

The Independent: 32 books that will make you a more well-rounded person. Okay, I want to like this list. I want to take this list seriously. But any book list that refers to Randy Pausch's and Jeffrey Zaslow's awful book The Last Lecture as a book about "philosophy" that you should read, well, that's a book list you have to chuckle at and then disregard.

Book-to-film adaptations coming in 2017.

Flavorwire's Summer Movie Preview.


Yes, I got the new biography of Prince Charles, and plowed through it in a few days. Review to come. One point to make early and often? It's got a ton of great pictures, both throughout the text AND set apart in two color-photo sections. Well played, Random House.

Still can't find much that is really wowing me. I take it back. I re-read Helene Hanff's book of BBC radio addresses about living in New York City, titled Letter from New York. Helene Hanff always wows me.


13 facts you need to know about Neil Gaiman.