Citizen Reading: 19 June 2017.
Citizen Reading: 26 June 2017.

Be nice to your librarian this summer.

The other day I took the CRjrs to a different library in town, because sometimes the eldest CRjr likes to browse a new (to him) shark book selection. (This is what we do in lieu of taking a summer vacation.) The library we went to happened to be the one I worked at for many years; sometimes I'm still surprised to see that the staff has almost completely turned over since I was there.

Anyway. The jrs and I were browsing in kids' nonfiction; the eldest had found the shark books and the littlest had found the truck books, so they were happy. I took to tidying up the shelves, pushing in bookends, replacing stray books, just generally straightening up the collection, so I was happy. And I had exactly 30 seconds of feeling nostalgic for my old job when, from the public computer area, there came the noise of a disturbance.

Nothing terrible, mind you. No violence and no big deal. But there was definitely yelling and something going on that, had I been sitting at the reference desk, I would have had to try and "handle." And that would have been no good, as "handling" anything isn't really my strong suit.

So. Just a reminder today, in the midst of summer library reading programs, disturbances, and everything else public librarians have going on, to be kind to your librarian this summer.