Labor Day Reading List 2017.
Labor Day: True Birth Stories by Today's Best Women Writers.

Citizen Reading: 11 September 2017.

A weekly selection of reading and book news, sometimes with completely inappropriate commentary.

Ever get that question at the reference desk where parents are searching for books for their kids who are reading above their grade levels? Now lists are available to help you find books for advanced readers!

Advice on suggesting graphic novels to format novices.

New resources for Banned Books Week.

Publishers Lunch: October Buzz Books Monthly. (a source for used and rare books, it is owned by Amazon) was down a couple of days last week, stressing out indie booksellers.

Conservative publisher Regnery has severed its ties with the New York Times, claiming its bestseller lists are biased.

Like baking? Like mysteries? You're going to love these books.

What's going to be the hot thriller of 2018?

Feminist author Kate Millett: Obituary.

Science fiction author Jerry Pournelle: Obituary.

Novelist Susan Vreeland: Has died, at age 71.

Len Wein, "legendary comics writer and editor": has died.

I'll give him this, James Patterson does give a lot of money to reading causes/libraries.

John le Carre's new novel: an excerpt.

British comedian Graham Norton: has written a novel!

The Christian Science Monitor reviews Nancy Pearl's new novel.

"Books being made into movies we're dying to see."

Game of Thrones was pirated 1 billion times this past summer.

There will be a TV adaptation of the comic The Boys.

Fifty Shades Freed: Teaser trailer.

Dayton Literary Peace Prize: Finalists.

Why awards for writers under 40 suck.


Chef Alice Waters has a new memoir out.

Interested in video games? I am not, but you might be. Here's a new book about them called Blood, Sweat, and Pixels.

A new Middle Eastern memoir, in graphic novel form: Poppies of Iraq.

"He wanted to be a soldier but become a bank robber": audio interview with the author of Ranger Games.

Musician Loudon Wainwright III (father of my beloved Rufus Wainwright) has written a memoir.

"Addiction is a family affair" in this new memoir.

An examination of "America's cheery national facade." As a decidedly non-cheerful person I must get this title.

Nonfiction about the 1970s (in honor of the new HBO series The Deuce).

A new title about campus rape, and how young women are "re-negotiating the rules for consensual sex."

New York Times: A journalist offers yet another heartbreaking look at life in Syria; a book about "fake news" and how long it's really been around; here's the Times's review of the Blurred Lines title, about campus rape, mentioned above; what Greek myths teach us about anger; on the history of "black Detroit"; a new biography of Mikhail Gorbachev; a collection of essays about what TV shows influenced writers; a biography of the man whose "cabinet of curios" became the basis of the British Museum.


IndieBound: Bestselling books the week of Sep. 7.

Washington Post: Best science fiction and fantasy of September.

Christian Science Monitor: Best books of September.

Picture books featuring bibliophiles.

16 novels with tween appeal.

Books about money you may or may not like, and why. A very handy list for helping steer readers to the appropriate book about money management.

Ten books you've probably never read, but should.

New nonfiction for the grade school set.


Last week I read Columbine, by Dave Cullen, and then followed it up with Sue Klebold's memoir A Mother's Reckoning, about trying to understand her son's part in the massacre. As Mr. CR said, "Okay, are you just trying now to make yourself depressed?" They were interesting reads, although very, very sad, of course.

We're also reading a lot of chapter books with the CRjrs, and the youngest CRjr has become a fiend for books about the human body. I would SO love to have some sort of medical professional in the family (to go along to appointments and translate for me, since I hate doctors and feel I interact poorly with them) so you better believe I am finding him all the body books I can.


Lucifer season 3: Promo.