Environmental writing is the scariest writing out there.
Moving on from True Crime.

Citizen Reading: 9 October 2017.

A weekly selection of reading and book news, sometimes with completely inappropriate commentary.

November/December Book Buzz Monthly.

Yes, a lot of great authors were published in Playboy. I still think Hefner was a pig.

Great Book Group Reads 2017.

What eras are dominating in historical fiction?

"An ode to reading on public transit."

Romance readers are not in love with the New York Times. Please note: alert CR reader Lynne told us about the Times's sloppy genre reporting last week in the comments. It's such a pleasure to know people who really know their genres!

Actress and author Anne Wiazemsky: Obituary.

Bill O'Reilly isn't selling quite as many books as he used to!

The New York Times takes a closer look at fantasy author Needi Okorafor, and diversity in the SF/Fantasy genre. (Related: How is SF evolving?)

A one-day "choose your own RA adventure"!

At a Library Writer's Blog: 2017 Best book proposal contest for the Beta Phi Mu Scholars series.

The Nobel Prize for Literature winner: Kazuo Ishiguro.

Dayton Literary Peace Prize: Winners.

Thurber Prize Winner: Trevor Noah.

National Book Award: Finalists.

Food memoir Sweetbitter being adapted for television.

Okay, this has nothing to do with books, but did you know another season of the X-Files is coming? Of course Gillian Anderson is still beautiful, but geez, I wish she would just let her hair be its natural color, even if it is grey by now. I think she would be even more beautiful.


Are you a fan of Muhammad Ali? There's a new biography of him out.

Russell Brand has a new book out (about our addictions)! I'm a total sucker for Russell Brand so I will probably have to look at that.

Leonard Cohen will publish a new book (of poetry, song lyrics, illustrations, etc.) in 2018. Well, "will publish, posthumously," I should say.

“Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski announced that she “can’t go forward” with her three-book deal with The Weinstein Company unless Harvey Weinstein resigns.

Ta-Nehesi Coates has a new book out.

Tech veteran Ellen Ullman: "There's no hope for gender equality."

The lessons of a botched book review? https://www.newyorker.com/books/page-turner/sexual-assault-on-campus-and-the-lessons-of-a-botched-book-review

Oh good Lord, so now we have to keep hearing about Milo Yiannopoulos and his ongoing lawsuit against Simon & Schuster.

New York Times: Yet another book about being a doctor; three books on guns in America (including Sue Klebold's memoir A Mother's Reckoning); the year that set the course for US-China relationships (1949); learning about women by examining the foods they ate; what's it really like living in post-Communist Russia?; the book source for the new movie Victoria and Abdul; a new cultural history of Adam and Eve and the book of Genesis, by Stephen Greenblatt; a memoir of the author's book club experience (The Futilitarians, which I started, but was not in the mood for at the time); a memoir by a survivor of Auschwitz.


IndieBound: Bestselling books the week of Oct. 5.

Paste Magazine: 10 most anticipated books of October.

Amazon: Best Books of October.

PopCrush: 10 most anticipated YA books of October.

13 new nonfiction titles for kids and teens.

Top 10 human-animal relationships in literature.


I finished Michael Lewis's Boomerang (thanks, Vivian, excellent choice) and was both confused and amused by it. More to come.

Am in the middle of Rachel Pearson's memoir of becoming a doctor, No Apparent Distress, and it is very interesting, although I can't quite decide how I feel about it so far. I hate doctors, and I don't think I hate her, so that's an odd sensation.

I just requested a chapter book titled Raccoon Rampage to read to the CRjrs, and with a title like that, I think it's going to be awesome.

I continue to try and (re-learn) Spanish, so I keep checking out kids' books in Spanish, and every week my tutor tells me, "Um, yeah, I think you need to get an easier one." I'm in picture books now so let's see what she has to say about that!


A beetle species has been named after Neil Gaiman.