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Citizen Reading: 5 February 2018.

A weekly selection of reading and book news, sometimes with completely inappropriate commentary; a bit truncated again this week (sorry) as I get used to my new old-lady reading and computer glasses. Aging blows.

From the "no shit, Sherlock" files: Amazon distribution centers aren't actually that good for a region's economy.

And yes, yes, I know we all shop at Amazon, but sometimes please make sure and try to visit an independent bookseller too, okay?

Diversifying your readalike lists.

Ron Charles on the joys of reading aloud.

Ursula Le Guin talks writing and her readers.

Have I aged right out of Dave Eggers? I just don't feel like reading anything he writes anymore.

George R.R. Martin has funded a scholarship for SFF writers.

Author Kwame Alexander is launching his own publishing imprint.

A National Book Award for translated literature is being created.

Looking forward to the HBO adaptation of Fahrenheit 451?


A new book about Thomas Jefferson's daughters...white and black.

A new biography by Lucy Worsley, about Queen Victoria, is planned.

Writer-on-reading extraordinaire Alberto Manguel has a new book out (titled Packing My Library).

A new book on the "uses and abuses of civil rights history," which looks really interesting.

Finally, an antidote for Hillbilly Elegy: a new book titled What You Are Getting Wrong about Appalachia.

A new book about depression and how to treat it.

I can't say I've really ever wanted to read a book about Calcutta...but I kind of want to read this new book about Calcutta.

Oprah Winfrey's new book of spiritual advice will drop its section written by Russell Simmons.

The New York Times: two new books about technology (one by Jaron Lanier, who is an interesting case); on the plight of working women; a review of Rose McGowan's new memoir Brave; an argument "that culture and humanism are the best weapons against modern anti-liberal trend"; on China as a "country in profound transition".


Christian Science Monitor: Read these books in 2018.

Booklist: Best new books the week of Jan. 29.

Celebrate Black History Month every month with these picture books.


Gaiman has a new co-showrunner on American Gods.