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Time for something new at Citizen Reader.

Slight hiatus.

So sorry not to be posting a Citizen Reading list again. I've got some freelance work on which I have to concentrate, which is a good thing, because my car clonked out on Saturday and the furnace man is coming on Thursday and so, all things considered, it could be an expensive week over here.

Hope you are staying warm and dry and enjoying the Olympics, if you are into that sort of thing. I must confess I can't get myself to care now that Russian figure skater Evgeny Plyuschchenko is retired. It used to be I watched the Winter Olympics solely to see him skate, and I still miss him. Below you'll find my favorite video of his skating. You don't have to watch the whole video--the skating program is only the first five minutes or so--but you do have to watch his program to the end. It is, as one commenter said, "amazeballs."

Now go forth and have an amazeballs week.