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Happy June!

Dearest readers,

It's June. In no way am I ready for it to be June. But, for various reasons, May wasn't the greatest month ever. So, it's okay that we have to keep moving forward, ever forward.

Which means that it's time to discuss our Essay Project 2018 June and July choices! You'll remember I set us an ambitious slate: three essay collections by three quite different Davids: Fraud by David Rakoff, A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again by David Foster Wallace, and Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris. I'm going to do them in that order myself, and will pose questions here throughout June and July; please join us in the comments! Toward the end of July we'll start to consider the Three Davids and how their essay styles compare. Because it's just not a Lit Thang until you have a good old-fashioned compare 'n contrast session.

In other news I have finally gotten my act quasi-together and have posted a printable over in the sidebar titled Essay Project 2018 Schedule. It's a Word document listing the books we'll read the rest of the year. We still need to pick an essay collection for September, so put your thinking caps on (do people still use that phrase?) and make some suggestions!