Labor Day Reading List 2018.
September so far.

The Essay Project 2018: On to September.

If you'll remember, a while back we were discussing what essays to read during September. MB in the comments suggested The Best American Essays 2017, and I think that sounds like an excellent choice. Hopefully it will be a bit easier going than Joan Didion.

Although I must say I enjoyed the Didion (although perhaps "enjoyed" isn't the right word--"am still digesting" might come closer to the mark), and I have now gone down a Didion rabbit-hole where I'm reading her essays, her memoirs, a memoir by her husband John Gregory Dunne, etc., and am having way too many long conversations with my sister about what is going on in Joan Didion's head and heart.*

Any last thoughts on Didion out there? Please let us know.

Otherwise? Get thee a copy of Best American Essays of 2017 and let's have at. Enjoy the rest of your week!

*Although I enjoy the conversations, and there "enjoy" is the right word. Wholeheartedly. Thanks, dear.