TBR: February reading lists.

Well, all I can say about this winter is, at least it's February now. It has to end sometime, right?

In the meantime, here's a couple of February reading lists for you: one from Flavorwire, and one from Amazon.

Anything on either list float your boat? Only two nonfiction titles on that Flavorwire list (and lots of story collections, if you like that sort of thing), but one looks kind of interesting. And actually, that list from Amazon's a really interesting one--I want all of those nonfiction titles AND the Robert Harris novel. Goodness. I'm going to need another month of winter to get through some reading, looks like.

TBR: Matt Taibbi's The Divide.

Many thanks to the Lesbrarian, Collection Development Librarian Extraordinaire, who has just alerted me to the fact that Matt Taibbi has a new book coming out in April titled The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap.

As you know, I consider Taibbi's writing a mix of awesomeness and speaking truth to power, with just the right spicy piquant of profanity thrown in. I will expect you all to buy or borrow and read this title so we can talk about it here. That is all.